The Silmarillion Recap: The End of an Age (and the Beginning of the Next Chapter)

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Last week, the Silmarils and Fëanor’s sons met their end. Now, the final repercussions of the War of Wrath and the last part of the “Quenta Silmarillion.”

Quenta Silmarillion Chapter 24 part 10

The war is over. Morgoth has been defeated. Fëanor’s sons and the Silmarils have met their fates. Now, it’s time for the Noldor who left Valinor so many years ago to return from exile. After building countless ships, the Noldor join the Valar and the Vanyar — the Elves who have lived in Valinor all along — sail back into the West, leaving Middle-earth behind.

However, not all of the Noldor choose to leave. Three stay: Cirdan the Shipwright, Celeborn of Doriath, and Galadriel (yes, the Galadriel). They chose to stay with Middle-earth and be a part of its fate for a little longer.

Some of the other notable Elves who stay behind are Gil-galad (who will play a role in the next part), Elrond Half-Elven (Eärendil and Elwing’s son), and Elros (Eärendil and Elwing’s other son).

Speaking of Elrond and his brother Elros, remember back when Eärendil first reached Vailnor and was given a choice? He, his wife, and their descendants were given a choice: to have the fate of either Elves or Men. (After all, they are descended from both.) Elrond (obviously) chose the fate of the Elves. Elros, on the other hand, chose Men. And while Elros might not be a very familiar name, let’s just say he has a very well-known descendant. But that’s for the next part of The Silmarillion.

The last person to meet his fate is Morgoth himself. He is throw out the “Door of Night beyond the Walls of the World, into the Timeless Void” (Tolkien 306). Needless to say, this means he won’t escape any time soon. Especially with Eärendil and others carefully guarding him.

However, what the Valar can’t fix is what Morgoth has already done. For years, he’s been planting his lies and hate. Over the years, they’ve only festered and grown, and now they are deeply rooted in the hearts of Men and Elves. And this will play a role in the fate of Middle-earth from here on out, especially in the next chapter.

Next week, meet Elros’ descendants: the Dundedain (aka, the Numenoreans)!


4 responses to “The Silmarillion Recap: The End of an Age (and the Beginning of the Next Chapter)

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    “And while Elros might not be a very familiar name, let’s just say he has a very well-known descendant.”

    Oooh, foreshadowing. And I don’t know the answer (though I could guess), so I guess I’ll have to stay tuned. :-)

    I was sorry to hear about Christopher Lee dying today. Saruman, of course (among many, many other roles), and the only person connected with the Peter Jackson movies who had ever met Tolkien.

    • S.B. Roberts

      :) And to think I almost spilled the beans when I wrote the post!

      I was too. But what a life he lived! Not only a famous actor and someone who actually knew Tolkien, but also a commando during WWII. And never mind that foray into heavy metal Christmas music. (Yes, I’m completely serious.) Talk about an incredible life.

      • Anthony Lee Collins

        Regarding his war experiences, I read somewhere that when they were making Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson told Christoper Lee to imagine the sound of a man being stabbed in the back.

        Lee told Jackson that he didn’t have to imagine what that would sound like.

      • S.B. Roberts

        Reasons why Christopher Lee was absolutely amazing. The war experiences he must have had! (Though, from what I understand, some of them were special forces so those stories weren’t getting told.)

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