The Silmarillion Recap: Welcome to Akallabêth! (Part II)

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Last week, the Men who were willing to go were called to a new homeland, the beautiful island of Numenórë. This week, a little more about these Numenórëans and their home. (Then be prepared for another exciting set of stories!)

Akallabêth part 2

Perhaps one of the first things that can be said about Numenórë is that it’s a beautiful place. Like Valinor, it’s a land created by the Valar. Instead of just being home to the Valar, though, it’s intended just for the Men who’ve answered their call for a better life away from Middle-earth. After all, Morgoth might have been banished forever, but his influence remains.

When the Numenórëans are brought to their new home, Eonwë (herald of Manwë, the leader of the Valar) stays to give them some important instructions and guidance for their radically new lives. Besides the gift of living in this pristine land, the Numenórëans have also been blessed with long life. That doesn’t mean that the mortality of Men is gone. That was a gift straight from Ilúvatar (the Creator of everything). However, they now can enjoy longer lives, free of sickness. Not only that, but the Numenórëans come to be known as wise, tall, and just downright amazing.

There are three main places that need to be discussed when talking about Numenórë, because they are three places that are often referenced throughout this chapter.


This is the main city and the primary haven on Numenórë. It’s on the western side of the island, closer to Valinor than Middle-earth.


Situated in the center of the land, this is the sacred mountain, known as the Pillar of Heaven. At the top is a holy place, set aside for Ilúvatar. There aren’t any temples or anything there. It’s just a beautiful, open area, which seems right up Ilúvatar’s alley. At the foot of this mountain will be the kings’ tombs, once they have some kings.


Founded by the one and only Elros (Elrond’s brother), this city is home to an impressive tower and citadel. It’s situated towards the center of the island, not far from Meneltarma.

Next week, more about Elros, Numenórë’s first king.


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