Trying Something New (Or, I Promise I’m Not Completely Obsessed with My Cat)

While this summer has been filled with administrative work for school and planning preliminary lesson plans for French I, I’ve managed to devote some time to other pursuits. (Writing, of course, being one of the predominant ones.) However, I also got the itch to try something new and found the perfect inspiration from some favorite YouTube channels.

Every so often, HISHI (How It Should Have Ended) posts videos of how artists create characters with digital drawing software. It’s hard not to watch with complete fascination at simple lines suddenly and seemingly effortlessly turning into Batman sitting at a café table with a mug of coffee. For years, my husband and I have looked at each other after watching such things (and never mind Bob Ross… how does he make everything look so easy?!) and mused how we would love to learn to do that.

A few days ago, we happened to watch a Simon’s Cat video on how to draw squirrels. Again, I thought to myself how much I’d like to try that.

Then I asked myself why not try it now?

So I did.

Recently, my old laptop went into retirement in favor of one of the new Windows Surfaces. And thanks to a special offer, I ended up with a stylus too. I was already impressed with the stylus’s precision in capturing my handwriting, so it was time to put it to the test.

The first drawings weren’t so good, but with the handy undo button just waiting to be utilized (instead of a physical eraser that leaves marks on the page), it was easy to play with a line until it was just right.

I know I still have a long way to go, but I’ve been having way too much fun drawing the kitten.

The original picture of the kitten on his tower...

The original picture of the kitten on his tower…

... and my version.

… and my version.

Amazing? No. But better than I ever thought I was capable of? Definitely.

Have you tried anything new lately?


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