July Novel Update

It’s been a month since I started a new writing adventure: writing a “second” draft of a new, currently unnamed, fantasy/sci-fi/steam-punkish novel. So far, the adventure has been as crazy as I anticipated. I mean, how can it not be crazy with dwarves piloting rudimentary spaceships?

Yeah, I know how weird that sounds. Honestly, the characters and setting occasionally make me feel awkward because they’re so peculiar. I’ve spent my adult writing life avoiding elves, dwarves, and most other mythical creatures just because they feel so difficult to pull off well. Embarrassing childhood stories usually make me cringe at the thought of including them in my own work.

However, its peculiarity is alluring. I’ve read quite a bit of sci-fi and fantasy over the years but never anything quite like this. It makes me think of the tv show Firefly. Who ever would have thought a Western in space would work? But it does. And maybe this does too. It at least deserves a full draft to see if the idea is any good or if it needs substantial changes to work.

As for progress, there’s been a fair amount. Even though there is one very rough draft laying around, it’s done little more than lay a rough foundation. So that means that this month has been filled with writing, pausing to plan, and then writing some more, almost like this was the real first draft.

The good news, though, is that even with some long pauses to reflect and solidify the world and its rules, it’s gone from 2,707 words to 10,668. And now, I have solid plans for a fair amount of the rising action… which is more than I had this time last month. Will it be any good? I’m still not sure, but it’s still compelling enough to keep me writing.

How are your writing ventures going?


4 responses to “July Novel Update

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Yes, that space western show did work out pretty well. :-)

    I did one of those “would you rather?” things on my blog recently, and one question was whether you’d rather only read your favorite genre, or read everything else but your favorite genre.

    I’d rather read everything else but. It’s the mixtures that can make it interesting. I guess that’s why I write detective stories with elements of magical realism, science fiction, alternative history, and so on. :-)

    Dwarves piloting rudimentary spaceships? I’m ready. :-)

    • S.B. Roberts

      Yeah, it really did. Several people described Firefly to me, but I had no idea just how much of a Western it was until I watched it. I couldn’t believe it.

      :) I think that’s what keeps pulling me back too, even when I start trying to talk myself out of it because it’s too weird. The mixtures do make it interesting and shake it up in unexpected ways, as what I’ve read of your work shows. Guess we’ll see. :)

  • C.B. Wentworth

    You’ve made some fantastic process! :-) Keep going!!!

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