The Silmarillion Recap: Farewell to Elvish (Or How Adûnakhôr Brings the Dúnedain One Step Closer to the Edge)

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Last week, the Dúnedain continued their descent from greatness and Sauron made his first reappearance, Rings of Power and all. This week, the relationship between the majority of the Dúnedain and everything they originally stood for reaches a new low.

Akallabêth part 6

Last week’s post spent a fair amount of time in Middle-earth with Sauron using the Dúnedain against themselves in the form of Ring-wraiths. Now, though, it’s time to return to the events on Númenor, their formerly blessed island.

Ever since they started breaking off relations with the Elves and the Valar, the Dúnedain’s lives have slowly been growing shorter, and the Dúnedain have noticed. Instead of realizing that it’s a direct result of their hatred of and rebellion against the Valar (the ones who blessed them with the island of Númenor and the long life in the first place), they instead blame the Valar and the Elves who are still their friends.

In fact, by the time of Adûnakhôr (the 20th King of Númenor), he openly bans Elvish and all things related to the Elves. Up until now, each of the Númenorean Kings have had two names: one in their native tongue and another in Elvish. He is the first king to refuse to take an Elvish name. This is a huge deal to everyone and a bold statement against the Valar.

However, despite his bold stance, the Dúnedain are terrified of what might happen if they are too flagrant with their rebellion, so Adûnakhôr is still given an official name in Elvish for the records: Herunúmen. Ironically, this name is a title for the Valar, and it seems like a terrible omen of what is to come.

The whole situation has also left the faithful Elendili feeling very torn. They’ve been obedient to the Valar and friends with the Elves all along, yet their fellow Dúnedain are openly against them. Needless to say, it’s never easy to go against the crowd, even when they’re wrong.

Next week, a new king, Ar-Gimilzôr, sinks to a new low, and the Valar aren’t going to be happy about it.


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