Making Mondays Better: Super Mario Maker Fun

My husband and I are total nerds, which means that we’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation for Super Mario Maker to come out next month. He’s excited because he wants to play it. I’m excited because creating courses looks like fun, not because I’m great at Mario.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t introduced to Mario at a young age. My aunt and her boyfriend bought a Super NES for my brother and me one Christmas when I was about six. Of course, Super Mario Bros. came with it, and I tried to play it. And constantly failed. On my own, I could never get past the first castle. Whenever a friend came over and played for hours, I would end up losing all of their progress with my endless deaths. It was sad.

A few years ago, when Super Mario Bros. came out on the Wii’s virtual consul, my husband bought it for me as a gift, and in my twenties I discovered that I was a little less awful than I was at 6 but still pretty terrible. I guess I just wasn’t born for old school platforming.

But since then, we’ve played other platformers, and I’ve been Player 2 in the more recent Mario games. (I like being Player 2. So much less pressure.) So even if I completely stink at Mario, at least there’s the fun of building levels ahead of me with the new game.

Even though it’s not out yet, there have been videos galore featuring the different levels people are creating. Below is just one of them.

Do you play Mario games? Or are you awful at platformers like me?


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