Geek Girl Chic: Star Wars Fun

Fact: I love excuses to dress up.

Needless to say, when I discovered that it was Force Friday a couple weeks ago, I immediately changed all my wardrobe plans to celebrate.

Unfortunately, celebrating at school can be a little limiting. While there’s not a strict dress code, graphic tees are out and I still wanted to look at least somewhat like an adult. (Never mind that I’m just about ten years older than the oldest student… sometimes I still am mistaken for being much younger.)

So, I came up with the next best thing: an homage to Princess Leia, one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

An homage to Princess Leia

An homage to Princess Leia isn’t complete without a blaster

All white felt like a little much (and I don’t have white pants anymore anyways), so some grey-blue pants felt like a good way to balance the look. Add a white tank with a white cardigan, some white and silver jewelry, and a crown braid, and voila! Enough of a Princess Leia look that if I greeted a student with, “Happy Force Friday!” they immediately responded with, “Are you supposed to be Princess Leia?” Mission accomplished.


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