Mario Maker Mayhem

Well, things got away from me last week. My perfect streak of three posts is gone, so it’s time to get back on the horse and keep going. I’d say I have a good excuse, but everyone does. However, developing one course (French), teaching two others (middle school English), and doing the usual computer-related administrative work does keep things busier than I was expecting this year. While writing ended up a little neglected last week, at least I was still doing something creative…

Since my husband and I love video games, we ended up getting Mario Maker. In doing so, I’ve realized that I’m still just as awful as I was at six (which is sad, considering my motor skills should be much better twenty years later), but I’ve also discovered just how fun it is to create courses.

So far, I’ve made three (for my husband to play because I would utterly fail), each based on one of our favorite movies.

The first: “The Hills Are Alive,” of course! While musicals typically aren’t my husband’s thing, The Sound of Music is one that he’ll gladly watch any time… and we often end up singing the songs a capella. We’re not good, but it’s fun.

The next was inspired by a familiar Mario setting: an airship. And while it would be fun to take a steampunk twist on it sometime (perhaps one based on the novel I’m currently working on?), I decided to go back to the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, skeletons, tons of gold, and all.

But the last one is my favorite. What better way to take advantage of an underground setting than to turn it into the Mines of Moria, complete with the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, a “cave troll,” and a “Balrog” (who looks suspiciously like Bowser). Oh, and don’t forget that you can add in audio, so there’s the obligatory, “You shall not pass!” recoded in there.

Fortunately, the newness is starting to wear off enough that I’ve remembered to write again, but all that creativity has to go somewhere. I’m thinking it’s time for that Zelda quilt I’ve been thinking about…

Where have you been pouring your creative energies lately? Have you tried Mario Maker?


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