A Moment to Pause

There are certain places in a story that are hard to write. That’s where my novel and I are at right now. While this isn’t its first draft, in many ways it is, considering that the only complete version is it was a mad dash during a NaNoWriMo a few years ago.

I’ve worked up to the point where the scheme is set. A group of conspirators are about to do something incredibly dangerous and forbidden to save their people and hopefully their world. They’ve been working towards this goal for about forty pages, but now that they’re about to embark, I find myself hesitating. The setting is about to change dramatically. Every move the characters make will completely change everything. They seem reluctant to start, and so am I because I’m not exactly sure where we’re headed yet. There’s a point on the horizon that we’re sailing towards, but I’m not sure what obstacles (or, more appropriately, asteroids) lay between that end and the characters and me.

It’s so strange to be at this point in a story again. It feels like it’s been so long. But I’m enjoying weeding through the possibilities and am excited to see what possibilities lie ahead. Now, to just figure out how to begin the countdown…

What parts of stories are hard for you to write?


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