Happy (Belated) Hobbit Day

Every September 22nd is a big deal around here. It’s Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, and we like to celebrate in style. I wear my Hobbit-like best (usually a plaid shirts with a vest), we eat British food, and sometimes we even splurge on a special dessert.

While all this was happening in my house, it was days before I realized that I had forgotten to write that the day was coming as I was prepping posts for the week. (Does this make me a bad fan?) Now, though, the day has come and gone, and I’m finally sitting down to work on this week’s posts, so I can’t let the opportunity to talk about Hobbit Day slip by again.

It will be another month before my 8th graders begin reading The Hobbit, but I gave them a sneak preview into Middle-earth (and the sheer amount of geekiness about to ensue) on the 22nd. Some of them are familiar, thanks to the movies. A couple have even already read the book. Others had no idea, but they will soon enough.

For dinner, we celebrated with an easy British favorite: fish and chips.

And dessert? I asked my husband to stop by the grocery store on the way home for the fish, and he’s notorious for always bringing something else fun home. When he showed up with cupcakes, I thought it was just for fun. When he told me that they were actually in honor of Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, I felt especially proud. I have fully converted him.

Did you celebrate Hobbit Day? Do you celebrate any geeky holidays?


2 responses to “Happy (Belated) Hobbit Day

  • The Story in the Frame

    Man! I can’t believe I missed such a fun holiday! I read The Hobbit in 7th grade, after reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It’s such a lighthearted, easy read that I hope it continues to ignite a passion for books in future generations.

    This is Brantley from The Brantley Blog, by the way. I’m working a new blog called “The Story in the Frame” now. It’s an artistic collaboration between myself and my girlfriend (a photographer). I’m writing short stories about her photography! I just wanted to reconnect with you since you were a follower of The Brantley Blog (back when it existed)! Hope all is well with you!

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