The Silmarillion Recap: A Change in the Winds for Amandil

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Last week, Sauron went from being Tar-Pharazôn’s prized hostage. This week, more on one of Tar-Pharazôn’s old friends — Amandil. (And he’s a far more important character than you might expect.)

Akallabêth part 12

As mentioned before, these are dangerous times to be one of the Elendili. Over the years, they’ve gone from being the vast majority to being considered treasonous rebels. However, their leader is a long-time, close friend of Tar-Pharazôn: Amandil. Before Sauron arrived in Numenor, Amandil was one of Tar-Pharazôn’s closest advisors, but that changed within three years, Now, Amandil is mostly ignored.

But more on his political life later, because his family is of great importance (or will be later on in the story). He’s descended from Elros, the first King of Numenor himself, son of Earendil and Elwing. However, he’s not from the ruling house, so after Elros, his family hasn’t been in charge. While he doesn’t have much power, he does still have some, since many regard him as the leader of the Elendili.

However, perhaps more importantly, Amandil has a son: Elendil. (Yes, the one mentioned in The Lord of the Rings.) And since his son is Elendil, that means that his two grandsons are Isildor (yes, the Isildor from The Lord of the Rings) and Anarion (who usually stays out of the limelight).

Amandil, Elendil, Isildor, and Anarion are all skilled sea captains, which will certainly come in handy later.

Now that that’s been covered, back to the politics. For a while, Amandil is just ignored by Tar-Pharazôn, the current King of Numenor. However, Sauron carefully works to change that. How can he fully immerse the king and most of the Dunedain into his twisted religion centered on Melkor (aka Morgoth) while Elendili – who still wholeheartedly believe the Valar and serve Eru – are in the king’s court? So Sauron carefully works to ensure that Amandil is dismissed, sent away from court for good.

It’s a huge blow, both to Amandil’s dying relationship with Tar-Pharazôn and to the Elendili. However, even though he does represent the opposition, no one messes with Amandil. At best, they respect him. At worst, they just don’t bother him.

Next week, things are about to start falling apart in Numenor, and Amandil and his family are the last hope.


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