Geek Girl Chic: Skyward Sword Zelda

A couple of weeks ago, I wore an homage to Princess Leia for Force Friday. That day left me in the mood to wear more clothes that are homages to different characters (just for fun), so I started hunting through my wardrobe for ideas. While I do have some, this one actually came about by accident.

My mom and I are serious clearance rack shoppers. A favorite place to look for steals is on Boden’s site. The British clothes are just too cute, and a berry pink dress we found was no exception. The second time I wore it, though, I made a startling realization: it’s very reminiscent of the dress Princess Zelda wears in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


So, armed with my Triforce necklace, I wore the dress to school to see what my fellow game-loving students would say. They just confirmed my thoughts when several of them stared at me a moment and asked, “Hey, is that like Zelda’s dress?”

Mission accomplished.


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