The Cat Life: Year One

Has it really been twelve months already? This time last year, I had never owned a cat. Just dogs, and most of them big. Then a little stray ball of orange stripes and spots, constantly humming with purrs, came into our home and changed everything.

Over the past year, I’ve learned just how different cats are than dogs. Food that falls on the floor will be played with, not eaten. An unexpected sound can set all of his fur on end, making him look absolutely huge. No cup or bug is ever safe from his curiosity. And no matter how comfy the bed is, he only comes for brief visits in the night and to snuggle us awake in the morning.

I knew it would be an adventure to have our first pet as a married couple. But I never realized that, within a couple of weeks, I couldn’t imagine life without him brushing against my legs when he’s hungry or purring as he sits nearby. And now, there’s no doubt that there will always be a cat in our house.

The kitten with an Xbox controller a year ago...

The kitten with an Xbox controller a year ago…

... and now.

… and now.


6 responses to “The Cat Life: Year One

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Having lived with a few different cats, I can report that some of the things you report are not true of all cats. :-)

    “Food that falls on the floor will be played with, not eaten.”

    I had a cat who, in addition to eating pretty much anything tasty that ended up on floor level, once managed to swipe a piece of fish off of my mother’s plate while we were having dinner. She turned her eyes away from her meal for a second, and he flowed across the table, as silent as a breeze, picking up the fish as he passed. I still remember my mother’s puzzled look as she turned her attention back to her plate, obviously wondering whether she’d eaten the fish and now didn’t remember.

    “And no matter how comfy the bed is, he only comes for brief visits in the night and to snuggle us awake in the morning.”

    I had one cat who, when he was a kitten, would sleep next to me, under the covers with his head on the pillow next to mine, even kissing me on the mouth before we went to sleep (though he outgrew that part pretty quickly). Much later, when I was married, he would sleep under the covers, down between our legs, helping to keep my wife’s feet warm (always a challenge).

    • S.B. Roberts

      That’s very true. My husband has had other cats in the past and has mentioned that they’ve all been very different. Definitely much more different than dogs seem to be.

      That’s too funny about the fish! I’ve never heard of anything like that before! And I love that the other cat would snuggle at night. My husband says that maybe ours will do more when he’s older.

  • Rebekah Loper

    Haha, yes, what Anthony said. Some of your cat quirks are personality quirks. ;)

    All of my cats have been very laid-back about loud noises. It would usually take a physical threat to get them to arch up and puff their fur out.

    Our current cat, Winnie, claims the bed. We’re honored to sleep in it with her, lol.

    She’s also starting to mellow out a bit at 14 years of age, and she’ll happily sit on my lap as I write. I’m sorry, did I say sit? I meant she drapes herself across my legs as if I were her throne.

  • C.B. Wentworth

    He’s grown into such a handsome boy! :-) I’m so glad you’ve found so much comfort and love with your kitty!

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