The Silmarillion Recap: Amandil Saves the Day?

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Last week, Tar-Pharazôn proved that he was just the pawn Sauron had always hoped he would be. This time, Amandil decides to do something desperate in hopes of saving the Númenorians.

Akallabêth part 15

Númenor has gone to hell in a handbasket. When Tar-Pharazôn brought Sauron to the island, he thought he was in control of the situation. Little did he know that Sauron would manipulate him into becoming one of the most notorious tyrants in Arda’s history. Not only has he completely severed all ties with the Valar and the Elves, but he’s made a temple to Morgoth himself, where anyone who opposes Sauron and Tar-Pharazôn are sacrificed. Literally. The Elendili aren’t the only victims. The Men of Middle-earth, who were once the beneficiaries of the Númenorean’s protection and wisdom, are now killed, enslaved, or brought to the temple to be sacrificed to Morgoth. It’s a dark time in Númenor.

However, the worst blow (and the worst decision that Tar-Pharazôn has made yet) comes towards the end of Tar-Pharazôn’s life. He knows that his life is coming to its inevitable end and looks all the more to Sauron — the last person in Middle-earth that he really should be listening to. It’s in these dark, weak moments that Sauron convinces Tar-Pharazôn to make his biggest mistake of all: to go to war with the Valar themselves.

Even though Amandil and his family aren’t welcome in Tar-Pharazôn’s court anymore, word still reaches them of what Tar-Pharazôn plans to do. It’s the last straw, and Amandil knows that this will mean the end of the world as they know it. So he decides to make a desperate move.

Long ago, his ancestor, Eärendil, sailed to the West to beg for forgiveness on behalf of the Men and Elves and to ask for help. The Valar answered his plea with the war that ended Morgoth’s reign and the establishment of Númenor. Since times are equally desperate, Amandil decides to do the same thing: beg for forgiveness and plead for the Valar to stop Sauron.

Amandil packs up a ship, takes only a few trusted servants, and heads West. He knows that he will never see his family again, but he knows that it’s worth it to save his son, grandsons, and the rest of the faithful Elendili. Before he leaves, he leaves a word of warning for his son, Elendil. Pack everything and everyone onto ships and be ready to sail. The end of the world is coming, and they need to be ready.

Next week, Amandil’s fate and what happens to Elendil.


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