The Silmarillion Recap: The World Has Changed (or, Did This Just Become the Story of Noah?)

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Last week, gathered his navy and set sail to start a war with the Valar. This week, things don’t go as he planned…

Akallabêth part 17

Tar-Pharazôn has done what no other Numenorean has dared to do before. He has gathered his navy and sailed West to Valinor, breaking the one rule the Valar gave them when they established Numenor in the first place. It’s an unprecedented move, and one that certainly never should have been done. (Note to self: This is why you never allow Sauron to become your closest advisor!)

Now, Tar-Pharazôn and his navy have not only broken the Ban of the Valar but have sailed straight up to Valinor itself. Unlike Eärendil (the only other half-mortal to accomplish this feat), he isn’t on a mission of mercy, come to beg for the Valar’s forgiveness and plead for help. Instead, he’s there for war because he’s been completely and totally deceived by Sauron.

The Elves who live in Valinor are the first to see the ships. Seeming to know what it means, they flee inland and wait to see what will happen. It isn’t long before the answer comes. Manwë has been the head of the Valar since the beginning. He often consults with Ilúvatar, the one responsible for creating everything, but he has been in charge of Arda thus far. In this situation, though, he hands all of the authority over the world to Ilúvatar, who gets right to work.

The only major changes to the geography have been due to the War of Wrath between the Valar and Morgoth and the creation of Numenor. Now, though, everything changes drastically. There are two changes, though, that are worth noting.

The first is what happens to Tar-Pharazôn and his navy. The shoreline of Valinor transforms into a chasm, sinking all of the ships and burying Tar-Pharazôn under the collapsed hills. In doing this, Ilúvatar removes Valinor from its original place on the map and takes it somewhere unreachable by brassy mortals.

The second takes places back on Numenor. Ever since Amandil left, his son Elendil and his family have been hiding out in their ships. It’s been the only way to stay away from Sauron and those who would gladly sacrifice them in Morgoth’s temple. It’s fortunate that they’ve done this because Numenor is overtaken by a giant wave and sinks, taking the rest of the Numenoreans with it.

While this is happening, an intense wind blows Amandil’s ships far from the sinking island, towards Middle-earth. Life is definitely about to change.

Next week, Amandil and his sons set up some familiar kingdoms.


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