It’s Nearly Here (Freedom and Star Wars)

I knew it had been a while, but 20 days? Wow. I think I must have broken a record, and not the good kind. It’s hard to bear the thought of staring at a computer screen a moment longer after critiquing and then grading countless short stories (8th grade) and history essays (7th grade). Only when there are so many essays at once do I regret having all of them submitted digitally instead of lugging around piles of papers.

But now the semester is nearly over, and I’m almost home free. With some clever reorganization of the courses over the summer, the last week has turned into a breeze as far as grading is concerned. The hard work happened before, starting around the time I disappeared.

So now, I can savor the fact that one of the most anticipated events of the year is almost here: Star Wars.

I have some friends who are going opening weekend, but I’m not part of that group. Not with how quickly everything sold out. Instead, we’re plotting to go at a weird time during opening week. You know, 5:30 on a Tuesday night or something like that.

To prepare ourselves, we’ve spent a little time every week watching the Star Wars saga the whole way through. Even the cat joined in the fun. (Yes, he really does watch the tv.)


All we have left as we wait for the new movie is to watch Return of the Jedi, avoid spoilers, and pick a time to go. I can hardly wait for that last one.

Are you going to opening weekend of Star Wars?


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