The (Second) Christmas with the Cat

This time last year, the kitten was still a tiny orange ball of fur. He was still young enough to be afraid of everything, so much to our relief, he didn’t climb the Christmas tree. As late November approached, we speculated on whether or not this streak would continue. Considering that he’s a rather large cat, we often worried about coming home to a downed tree and confused meows.

Fortunately, though, the tree has been safe, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been up to some amusing hijinks.

The most memorable started the day after Christmas with the introduction of the NES. Over the years, my husband has kept all of his game consoles with one notable exception: his NES. Back in his preteens, he thought that having a Nintendo 64 was more important than keeping that old, first system. He’s regretted it ever since, and it’s come up more this year than any other.

Needless to say, that meant I knew exactly what to get him for Christmas. With some research and some hunting locally and on Amazon, I found one in good condition with a game (Tetris, to be exact), and my parents then proceeded to find a few more games.

One of them is based on one of my favorite childhood movies: Willow. Even though much of our upbringing was similar, the things we watched growing up were decidedly different. Throughout our teens, we introduced each other to the classics we grew up with. While he never outright said he didn’t like Willow, he never quite understood why I liked it as much as I do. (How can you not like it, though? It’s Warwick Davis!) When my mom found a game based on the movie, she couldn’t resist.

Evidently, neither can the cat.

After my husband thoroughly cleaned the system and games, he tested them out. It’s not uncommon for the cat to watch movies or some video games, but I’ve never seen him quite as interested as he was with Willow.


He started by watching next to me on the floor. Then, however, he hopped right up on the entertainment center and stared at the little Willow as he moved along the screen.


Playing became a bit more of a challenge at that point.

So, it looks like the NES is a big hit with both of my guys.


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