2016 Writing Goals

Now that 2016 is officially underway, it only seems appropriate to think ahead for what I’d like to accomplish this year.

I thought I had written down somewhere what I hoped to do in 2015, but I can’t find it anywhere on the blog. However, I can say this. I decided to sum up everything I wanted to do not into a bullet point list but into a single word: action. There were several things on my plate that I wanted to accomplish. Some were personal, and others were writing related. All of them had been sitting on the wayside for too long and it was time for a change.

For writing, “action” meant that I wanted to try some new things and more actively pursue publication (self or otherwise). That turned out to mean research and spending time with the crazy fantasy/steampunk/sci-fi-ish novel I never thought I’d write.

I had also hoped that there would be more to show for 2015: a novel or short story ready for or already published, among other things. However, as I think through it, I realize that I do have plenty to show for it. The foundation has been laid for some of major, life-long goals that had fallen to the back burner. “Action” gave me the motivation I needed to push through the hard work that lies behind any goal.

Now that much of the hard work has been done or is underway, I like to believe that this is the year things start to come to fruition.

Some of the writing goals I’d like to focus on:

  • Finishing a solid draft of the novel (and hopefully at least pass it by my beta readers, if nothing else)
  • Find some writing competitions and submit several works
  • Blog at least weekly, but aim for three times a week

This year is all about perseverance. I’m closer to my goals than I’ve ever been before. Now it’s time to see them through to the end.

What are some of your goals for 2016?


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