The Silmarillion Recap: The End of an Age

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to continue with the adventure through The Silmarillion. Believe it or not, this is the end of “Akallabêth.” The next chapter contains some more familiar characters and stories (especially to anyone familiar with The Lord of the Rings). However, now after nearly two years of pushing through The Silmarillion, some of these people and events will have more significance than they ever did before.

Before that, though, the end of “Akallabêth.”

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Akallabêth part 18

Everything has fallen apart. Before Middle-earth had taken shape, the Valar had waited anxiously for Elves and Men to appear, and once they did, the Valar tried to do everything that they could to care for them. Rebellion, greed, and jealousy messed up their plans, though they did manage to find reconciliation more than once.

In their latest attempt to save Men —  creating the island of Númenor and blessing its inhabitants with long life — they instead ended up with a rebellion started by none other than Sauron himself.

Now Númenor is destroyed, leaving only one family of survivors: Elendil, his sons Isildur and Anarian, and their households. With their ships, Elendil and company return to Middle-earth and, along with their descendants, establish their own kingdoms. (*Cough* Gondor *cough.*)

Over the years, legends pop up that the highest peak of Númenor — Meletarma, the sacred place on the island — is still visible over the waves and that finding it can allow for a glimpse of Valinor. However, no one seems able to find it, no matter how hard they look. But that doesn’t mean that the Valar aren’t still watching over Middle-earth. After all, there’s much more to come.

Next week, a story about Rings and why you should always be careful in who you trust.


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