Fellow Pride and Prejudice Fans Rejoice

While flipping through news articles this weekend, I noticed one that took me by surprise. The house used as Pemberly in Pride and Prejudice is for sale!


Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Wentworth Woodhouse (as it’s really called) has a fascinating history. Not only was it used as the location for Pemberly in the film, but the article below explains that it actually might have been Jane Austen’s inspiration for Mr. Darcy’s impressive home. Never mind that one of its previous owners (the fourth Earl of Fitzwilliam) might have actually been the model for the beloved Mr. Darcy. (Who knew?)

The place is currently a bit of a fixer-upper (though the previous owner has done some work already), but for anyone undaunted by such things, the estate is only $12.5 million.

Okay, so I’m about $12.4-some million shy, but one can dream, right?

Want to learn more about the house? Check out this article here!


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