Molly (A Short Story)

This story was inspired by something I saw while driving last week. Since I often make up stories about the things I see, it seems natural to actually start sharing them with someone else.

Molly meandered down the sidewalk, enjoying the moment alone. She was moist from the exertion, but it felt good to stretch her old, aching legs. On these walks, when she was truly alone, she could observe everything: the scent of the neighbor’s roses that lined the fence, the cool breeze hinting at the change in seasons despite the brutal sun, and the squirrels scampering up trees as she passed.

Yes, life was a treasure to be enjoyed.

She had certainly learned that over the years. When she first started taking these walks, she was young and new to motherhood. Now, all of her little ones had left for their own homes. She missed them and wondered if they would one day wander along the sidewalk and reflect on their own lives.

Her pace began to slow. The heat bothered her more than she remembered, but she didn’t want to turn back yet. Not until she had seen the goats.

Once she reached their field, she stopped and watched them gnaw on the grass and jump on the hay bales. This was one of her favorite spots, and she wished she could visit more often.

A car rolled up behind her and stopped. The door opened.

“Molly! C’mon, girl!”

Molly turned to see her owner, holding the driver’s side door open and smiling at her. She hopped in, though not as spryly as she used to, and sat on the passenger seat.

Yes, life was a treasure to be enjoyed, and she was enjoying it.


4 responses to “Molly (A Short Story)

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Worth the wait (the announcement went out in advance of the post for some reason, but I figured if I checked back it would be here eventually :-) ).

    I do like stories that tweak the assumptions that readers — certainly including me — make about characters when we meet them.

    • S.B. Roberts

      Ha, ha! I had that awkward moment when I realized I hadn’t scheduled it, and the melancholy tendencies in me demanded it be set right immediately. :)

      Glad you enjoyed it. One of the lines that came to mind in the moment sounded like it could be applied to the dog or a human, so I decided to play on that.

  • homedreamer07

    It’s perfect! A little surprise at the end, just right, and not too heavy, as so many flash fiction pieces are. Keep sharing these!

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