The Doctor Is In (School!)

My goodness, where did last week go? I guess Valentine’s weekend was busier than I anticipated (my dirty secret is the weekends is when I write), and with the school schedule being as demanding as it is this year, I just ran out of time. But I’m back, and with something fun.

As my 7th graders finish reading Hans Christian Andersen fairytales (which went over well), they’ve been tasked with completing one of several short projects related to what we’ve done. Since the classes are large, they’re only halfway done, but one already stands out as a must-share.

When I came into school on Friday, I was met with a blue box sitting outside of my classroom. A large, blue box. As I rounded the corner, I was delighted and surprised to find that it was a box¬†transformed into Dr. Who’s TARDIS.


Since no one was in the hallway, I squealed with excitement a little before taking several pictures and opening the door. Fortunately, self-control helped me stay outside of it until it was brought into my room for the presentation. Or, better put, a rewritten version of “The Magic Galoshes” that involved Dr. Who? I love what these kids write!

Needless to say, this group is getting extra credit. For the effort, of course. And it doesn’t hurt that they understand their audience very well.


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