A Geek Girl’s Guide to Dressing Like Zelda

This past Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda video game’s release. While I haven’t played every game in the series yet (though I certainly hope to some day), the series showed me years ago that I can have fun and succeed in more than just racing games.

Since I didn’t find out about the anniversary until Sunday night, I decided that I needed to do something fun to celebrate the occasion. What better way than to spend a week wearing homages to Zelda? At first, it sounded easy. I have four Zelda t-shirts that I’ve acquired over the years, and I made a dress for the first time we went to the Symphony of the Goddesses. Done.

But I teach at a private school, so t-shirts don’t fit dress code. That just meant it was time to get creative. I stared at pictures of characters, searched through my closet, and I will confess that I even bought a dress and necklace because nothing was good enough for one of my favorite characters. Five days later, though, I have five outfits inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

Monday: Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess/Super Smash Brothers

DSC_4785 (2) (Medium)princess-zelda-the-princess-of-twilight-8532671-819-1024

(Image: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/8500000/princess-zelda-the-princess-of-twilight-8532671-819-1024.jpg)

Yes, I have a short sword… because I’m a nerd. No, I didn’t bring it to school. :)

Tuesday: Dress inspired by The Wind Waker

DSC_4821 (3) (Medium)nintendo-dolphin-1080p-wallpaper-012-zelda-wind-waker-link-outset-island

(Image: http://www.electricblueskies.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Nintendo-Dolphin-1080p-Wallpaper-012-Zelda-Wind-Waker-Link-Outset-Island.png)

This is the dress I made for the symphony. While it might look Grecian, the Triforce necklace is a giveaway that there’s more to it.

Wednesday: Zelda from Skyward Sword

DSC_4831 (2) (Medium)09892-princess_zelda_artwork_skyward_sword-549x800


Yeah, I figured this one out a while ago. That’s part of the reason it was impossible to resist.

Thursday: Link (from all the games)

DSC_4845 (2) (Medium)WP_20160225_07_40_46_Pro

For most people, this was the most recognizable. Notice the heart container and Triforce necklaces? :)

Friday: Sheik from Ocarina of Time/Super Smash Brothers/Hyrule Warriors

DSC_4884 (2) (Medium)WP_20160226_08_39_29_Prosheik_-_hw

(Image: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140809042912/dynastywarriors/images/1/15/

A confession: I bought this dress because of the color and the necklace because it made me think of the symbol on Sheik’s costume. (But both were from a thrift store, so that makes it excusable, right?) Since Sheik (*SPOILERS* who is Zelda in disguise in Ocarina of Time) is my favorite and was the last, I wanted to make sure I had something great.


And there it is. A week of subtle/not-so-subtle geekiness.



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