How to Introduce Your Nephew to Star Wars (or That Time I Made an R2D2 Lovey)

So, I have a nephew. He’s just turning a year, and even this early, my husband and I are determined to ensure he’s fully exposed to geek culture. (He needs to be fully prepared for our geeklings when they finally come.) So far, our gifts have all been Star Wars related, and with his first birthday on the way, I wanted to give him something special. What better thing to do than make him something?

My mom came across a pattern for a Star Wars lovey. I never knew what they were before, but they’re basically a doll/blanket hybrid, and it seemed like just the thing. And thus began the quest to make an R2D2 lovey.

While I enjoy crocheting, I’m not a master by any means. Most of my life, I’ve done rather simple patterns, and every pattern began with asking my mom (who is a master at a variety of crafty things) what all the shorthand actually means and how to do it. Seeing that this is not a normal blanket, I was a little apprehensive, but I decided to give it a try on my own.

Much to my surprise, magic rings (no, not ones from The Lord of the Rings) are more simple to make than anticipated, and a front post double crochet isn’t as scary as it sounds, thanks to YouTube.

Like everything I’ve ever handmade, it’s not perfect. I missed changing the yarn at one point, making the blue band at the bottom of R2’s head too wide and taking away the effect of the lines (done by front post double chains). But, like with other things I’ve made, those little mistakes aren’t what people noticed when they saw it. Instead, my sister-in-law was delighted with it, and I now have pictures of my little nephew snuggled up to his own little R2. That’s what it’s all about.


Want to try your hand at an R2 lovey? Here’s the link to the pattern:

If you try it, I’d love to hear how it turned out! Or if you have a great geek craft, let me know!


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