The Silmarillion Recap: Farewell to the Glory Days

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Last time, Isildur finally met his doom. This week, the set up for The Lord of the Rings and the Rangers we all know and love.

“Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age” part 7

As the last chapter of this book comes to a close, so does the last major chapter for the Dúnedain.

Remember Narsil, the sword that Elendil and Isildur used in the fight with Sauron? Well, Isildur had kept it after that fight, and it was with his group when they were ambushed. While most of his convoy were killed by the Orcs, one man wasn’t: Ohtar. He gathers up the shards of the famous sword and heads over to Elrond’s home of Rivendell (aka, Imladris), where Isildur’s wife and youngest son, Valandil, have been hiding out.

For a while, the Dúnedain kingdoms founded by Elendil, Isildur, and Anárion remain, but it doesn’t last forever. Within seven generations, the strong kingdoms break up into smaller kingdoms. Then the smaller kingdoms break up further, leaving nothing but a group of wanderers. By the time we reach the era of The Lord of the Rings, hardly anyone seems to remember a time when the Dúnedain were great.

There is one last tidbit, though, that deserves to be noted. Those shards of Narsil — that famous sword — aren’t forgotten. They are passed from father to son without exception for generation after generation… until they reach the best known Dúnedain of them all and are reforged in order to face Sauron one last time. (And if you guessed that that person is Aragorn, you guessed right!)


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