April Fool’s Day Hijinks

April Fool’s Day was Friday. I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what to do this year, I decided to go mild. The fun thing about middle schoolers is that they haven’t been around long enough to see everything, which means I can pull that old pop quiz prank. You know, the one in which the first direction is to read over the entire quiz before completing it, and the final line says that they only need to write their names at the top of the page and turn it in. The looks on their faces were priceless as they turned from horror to bemusement.

The Internet held better ones. My favorite this year, though, was National Geographic’s plan to stop publishing pictures of naked animals. The results were priceless… though I have to wonder how they managed to dress cats. Mine would never stand for it. Check out the slideshow here.

Boo as Frodo

Dressing a cat might be impossible, but dressing a dog? I did it to both of my childhood dogs. Here’s Shelby as Frodo.

What was your favorite prank this year? Did you pull one on someone?


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