May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy May the Fourth, everyone! It feels like it’s been forever since the last time I logged into WordPress. Almost a month, to be exact. I didn’t mean to fall off the blogosphere altogether in April.

Aprils are always hard with teaching, grading, keeping up with administrative work, etc. This time was the worst yet. I took on way too much this year, and it became very apparent this month. I didn’t realize how stressed I was until my dad stepped in with a mini-intervention. My husband had been telling me that I was overly stressed for the last couple weeks in March, but when my mental health therapist dad stepped in, I knew things were serious. So I stepped back from a lot of things and took a deep breath. Okay, a lot of deep breaths. But now that the fever pitch has died down, everything can go back to normal. (Which means I have a whole heap of great posts to catch up on!)

Just in time, too, since May the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays!

Every year, I wear my Star Wars best wherever I go. Today, it’s a shirt that one of my sweet middle schoolers bought me for Christmas and the traditional Leia buns. (The buns are impossible to resist.)


And what better way to add to the celebration than a Star Wars cat video?

So, expect the normal blogging schedule to return, and I’ll catch up on your posts soon!

May the Fourth be with you. Always.


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