Zero Suit Samus Shirt (A Little How-to, a Little Rambling)

All my friends are nerds. This means that sometimes we do some crazy things just for the sake of it. This month’s adventure: an event at church during which we will all dress as Smash Bros. characters.

It started off as one of those, “I wonder what would happen if…?” moments and turned into a plan.

One of the hardest parts was choosing who to be. The obvious choice is my favorite: Sheik. Ever since she was first introduced in the game, I’ve loved the way that she can hop in, pop a few people, then hop back out of the middle of the fray. Considering that I’m less practiced than the guys I normally play with (including my husband), she was my go-to for the longest time. As the years have gone on, though, I’ve branched out, so I wanted to do so in this case too.

So I ended up choosing Samus Aran. As much as I’d like to make her signature suit, it was a little much for my purposes, so I made a Zero Suit Samus shirt. If you ever want to make one too, I have some tips on the process. (After all, I think it turned out pretty well, considering it was an afternoon project and that it was made from pre-made clothing with no pattern.)


For this project, I started with two athletic shirts off of a clearance rack. The most important thing was that they were the right colors, bigger than I needed, and that the aqua one had sleeves.


Once I chose the shirts, I stared at them and the Zero Suit Samus Amiibo for a few days. Then, with a little strategy, I started cutting. Because Samus’ costume is cobalt on the sides, I cut down the pre-existing seams on the cobalt shirt, which made it easier to work without a pattern. I also quickly discovered that the cobalt shirt had a seam across the back, allowing me to more easily mimic her look. Then I figured out how much of the aqua I would need in the middle so I could fit into the shirt and cut that too.


Removing that kangaroo pocket in the front was an adventure!



The front is cut all the way up to the collar and the shoulders. The back is cut straight across to add to the look.


Once everything was cut, I started sewing everything together. Normally, it would be a simple matter of sewing seams together the normal way. This time, though, I actually needed to lay the pieces of the cobalt shirt over the aqua to achieve the look I was going for. Fortunately, with lots of pins, carefully planning, and an aqua thread (to help add a more electric vibe), the bodice came together fairly easily.


At first, I actually left the collar of the cobalt shirt to add some stripes, but I ended up cutting them off before the end.



Here’s how the back looks with the extra cobalt. No, I didn’t add the pink detailing this time.


Next were the sleeves. While the aqua shirt was an extra large, it still had comparatively short sleeves. Certainly not ones long enough to mimic Samus’ since she wears long sleeves and gloves. So I took the baggy sleeves in by adding a seam on the bottom, then added a strip of cobalt. Finally, I took the original cuffs and carefully pinned them to the sleeve while they were over my hands and sewed them down. A little tricky to do alone, but definitely worth the couple of pinpricks.

Last of all, I removed the hood and turned it into a stand-up collar. To do this, I cut the hood off a few inches from where it met the bodice. Then I folded it in half (so the folded part was on the inside) and sewed it down. Folding it over makes the collar stand up fairly straight. Not perfect, but not bad for a quick costume.

So over the span of an afternoon and with a LOT of pins, it all ended up coming together. It’ll be perfect for the event… and if I ever run a 5 or 10-K and need a costume, I’m set.



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