Enjoying the Local Eats: The Drowsy Poet

When school lets out, one of the first things that my husband and I do is leave for vacation. This year’s adventure took us along the Florida panhandle. Whenever we travel, there are two things that we base our trips around: what to do and what to eat. If there are museums and good food around, count us in.

One of our finds this year was a small chain of coffee shops in the Pensacola area. We hit the one in Pensacola Beach, situated on a small strip of land between the mainland and the rows of hotels and shops.


It wasn’t easy to find since it was on a third floor of a building next to a marina, but it was well worth hunting down.

All of the drinks–from coffees to teas–are all named after famous authors. I opted for the hazelnut and chocolate Shakespeare while my husband chose the chocolate raspberry Poe.


Since it was breakfast time, we also snagged their artisan toasts.


If I had more time to spend here, I would. The place is filled with comfy couches, a bookshelf filled with books, and great views of the ocean on both sides. It seems like a perfect place to write and people watch. But since we were on the road, there wasn’t much time for it this time. Maybe another time, though.


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