14 Day Writing Challenge #amwriting

First off, happy Independence Day!

Last week, I realized that last school semester drained my writing juices. Returning to a regular writing schedule has been harder than trying to kick it back into high gear at the gym after a few weeks off. Characters feel bland and just stare blankly at me, the plot of my novel feels limp, and my motivation has waned.

So instead of focusing on the novel or another specific project, I’ve taken some good advice and decided to just write and start flexing those muscles again. (Thanks again, C.B. Wentworth and Anthony Lee Collins!)

That’s when I came across this 14 day writing challenge. I think a 14 day boot camp is just what I need. So the plan is to write one every day for the next 14 weekdays and share what I’ve done here to keep myself honest and because writing is more fun with other people.

So, until tomorrow with challenge #1…


Source: 14 Day Writing Challenge #amwriting


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