14 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

Yesterday, I committed to doing a writing challenge to get my creativity flowing again. At the time, I was just excited about all of the different prompts. Today, I found that the first one was harder than I originally anticipated.

Day 1: Write a poem about someone you love.

There are two reasons this is hard for me. First, who do I write about? (My husband? A relative? A friend? The cat?) The second is the fact that it’s a poem. In spite of poetry classes in college and years of reading poetry, I don’t feel that I write it particularly well. I was definitely feeling the pressure.

Then I remembered that this is about creativity, not writing the best poem ever. So, with a deep breath and some fresh lead in the mechanical pencil, I just let the words flow in a notebook. Below is the result, about my husband and being a duo for eighteen years: nine before we married and nine after.

9 Years

Sitting in the church van
shy, unsure
only admired from afar
now close enough to touch

Touch your lips to mine
two now one
so young and so sure
ready for a new adventure

Adventure continues
indomitable team
older, wiser, braver
we are perfect together


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