14 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

Time for the second prompt of the 14 Day Writing Challenge: Write a letter to your favorite fictional character.

So, here it goes…

Dear Belle,

So, I’m doing this writing challenge, and the second prompt was to write to your favorite fictional character. I have to confess, I spent a really long time trying to decide who to choose. A favorite character from Middle-earth? The witty Elizabeth Bennet? Perhaps someone from Star Wars, Star Trek, or Doctor Who? But each letter that started in my head didn’t seem quite right until I thought of you.

Is that weird for a nearly 30-year-old? Choosing a Disney princess? At first, I thought so, but with closer reflection, it couldn’t be anyone else. You are my first favorite character.

You’re so many of the things I always strived to be: kind, selfless, brave, smart. You longed for adventure and found it in the most unexpected place. You didn’t focus on finding love, but you found it anyways. You have the best library in the world at your fingertips. You proved that it’s okay not to be like everyone else. And we both know that you have the best dresses (which definitely mattered to my elementary-aged self).


I really am still a fan. My husband bought this for me a couple years ago, and it’s one of the centerpieces of my library.


I’m glad I had you to look up to and to emulate as a child. You taught me to like reading (even though there were days that I argued with my mom about it), that people aren’t always what they seem on the outside, and that all relationships take courage. Those are things that I still hold on to.

You also taught me that every house should have a library… which is, I admit, one of the things I thought about when we first toured this house.

So thanks for being such a great character and for influencing me in ways I never realized.

Yours truly,

S.B. Roberts


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