14 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

After four days of writing prompts, my creativity is already feeling more loosened up. By the time day 14 comes around, that novel better watch out.

Today’s prompt: Write about a favorite childhood memory.

This is another tough one. I was blessed to have a good (albeit sometimes very unusual) childhood. But one of the first ones that came to mind fits with yesterday’s prompt, so it seemed appropriate.

After Disney’s Beauty and the Beast came out, I was obsessed. So of course it was the theme for my 6th birthday party. We didn’t have a lot of money, but my mom was a creative DYI aficionado so that didn’t matter. Honestly, I think things are better when they’re homemade and require some creativity and elbow grease.

Sadly, I can’t remember much from the party since I was so young, but I do remember some of the clever things my mom made. She had a beautiful gothic mirror that we used for a version of Pictionary. She made my cake and covered it with my beloved Beauty and the Beast figurines. And perhaps the most memorable part of all was the party favors: paint sticks with hand drawn faces, white lace caps, and feathers made to resemble the feather duster in the movie. (I thought I still had mine, but I can’t find it. If I ever do, I’ll post a picture.)

My best friend now was a dear friend of mine then. While we were separated for several years while her parents were missionaries in Belgium, we ended up closer than ever when she returned in her mid-teens. Even now, if you were to ask her about the most memorable birthday party she has ever been to, my 6th birthday party is it.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories?


5 responses to “14 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    My favorite childhood memory may be my first memory ever — getting my first cat. I remember how the street looked, and the house. We went around to the back yard, and there was a low hedge across the back of the house. I remember tiny kittens zipping in and out and around the little bushes, and I chose the one which was to be mine.

    Then we got home and my mother’s cat attacked my little kitten. I remember my parents sitting on our sofa, and in between them, on the middle cushion, was my tiny, heavily-bandaged kitten, probably wondering when he’d be allowed to go back to his brothers and sisters.

    • S.B. Roberts

      Oh my goodness! Poor little kitten. Did they ever end up getting along?

    • Anthony Lee Collins

      As I say, I was real young, and I’m not sure about everything that followed. I know the cats never became friends, and I know there was never another fight like that one — my parents made sure of that. It’s possible my mother’s cat didn’t live much longer — he was not young.

      Well, nobody I can ask at this point. :-)

  • reocochran

    My Mom made little tea cakes and these “melt in your mouth” butter cookies with vanilla cream frosting, which she (food) dyed with pastel colors. She had me ask the girls in the neighborhood for a summer tea party. I will never forget my friends coming in their party dresses. It was around my fifth summer. Mom taught school so she rarely did a lot ince school started.

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