14 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6 (or Something Like That)

When I first decided to take up the 14 Day Writing Challenge, I had determined to do them all in order. However, after spending three days thinking about the prompt for today, I have to break that and switch things around.

The problem? Day 6’s prompt is to “write a short story in a genre you’ve never tried.”

At first, I didn’t think it would be too hard. Then, as I started reading as many lists of genres as I could find, I discovered a major problem. I started enjoying writing as a small child. Like, won a little writing contest at school when I was 6 and started writing obsessively by 10. That means that I’ve tried a ton of different things over the years.

Fantasy and sci-fi always were (and still are) my favorites. But I’ve tried a ton of other things over the years. I tried mystery (and wasn’t good at it). I’ve toyed with historical fiction both for school assignments and for fun. I’ve tried thrillers, humor, literary fiction… I even tried making a comic book (even though I didn’t even read comic books).

So I’ve decided to do something else: give the decision to you. What genre should I write a short story in?

I’ll plan to start writing a week from now and post it by the end of next week. So, let me know what you think, and that’s what I’ll do. I’m looking forward to the extra challenge. :)


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