14 Day Writing Challenge: The Recap

After three weeks straight of intentional writing (and knowing it had to be good enough for an audience), my creative juices are finally flowing again. How do I know for sure?

On Saturday, I really needed to tend the front flowerbed. Since I normally do this while my husband mows the grass, this means that I spend most of this time alone, in a manner of speaking. It’s hard to carry on a conversation over the roar of the mower’s engine. So I sit amongst my plants, plucking weeds from here and deadheading the rosebush there.

As I sat there, my mind wanders as much as it often does when I’m alone. But this time, much to my surprise, it started wandering to the steampunk story I’m planning to write this week, and it did this without any prompting. The ideas just started to flow, like they normally do.

So, needless to say, I think we’re back. I’m not sure where this story is headed, but I’m excited to see what comes for the very belated Day 6. (Hey, it’s hard to write a complete story in one day anyways!)

Where do your writing ideas usually come to you?


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