Welcome to Book Heaven

There’s something wonderful about used books. They have that old book smell, especially the very old ones. Those smell the best. Some are well-loved and  have slightly tattered pages. Others’ stiff pages are in need of use. And to be surrounded by them? Now that is true delight.

For the past few years, my family and I have made a day of driving to Jacksonville, Florida where there’s an enormous bookstore known as Chamblin’s Bookmine. And bookmine is the best way to describe it too. It’s a sprawling building filled from floor to ceiling with narrow shelves covered in used books. My parents, brother, husband, and I literally spend hours searching through the shelves, and it would be easy to spend a few days exploring all of the used books it has to offer.


Last year, this is where my husband found the Myst book, and it didn’t disappoint. This time, we found the other two books in the series. As it turns out, The Book of Ti’Ana appears to be the middle in the series, so we finally have the ones before and afterwards. Here’s to learning more (and here’s hoping for better editing).

I grabbed a copy of Aesop’s Fables since they’re always good and I don’t have a copy of my own. I also couldn’t resist the price.

One of my main goals was to find some books in French for my students. To my delight, I found some inexpensive phrase books for travelers, and I couldn’t resist grabbing one written for the French about America! (Notice that the biding is printed in the opposite direction as books here in the US so it looks upside down.) I think the kids will get a kick out of that. I also found a French children’s story that I’m looking forward to reading to them.

The best treasure of the day, though, was a book from 1902. I could tell it was something special from three rows away, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s on Oriental pottery, which truly does sound interesting, but the best part is that there were only 1,000 copies of the book. This is number 947, handwritten in red ink.


So, needless to say, if you’re ever in the Jacksonville area, this used bookstore is definitely one to visit. Or even if you’re not, it’s worth a drive.

Do you frequent used bookstores? What are some of your favorite used bookstore finds?


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