The Cat Days of Summer

Every morning, we wake up to a cat. This morning, we woke up to three.

Monti comes up to see us as soon as the alarm clock goes off every morning. Once we start getting out of bed, he coaxes us downstairs, where his empty food bowl is waiting. I think he knows that he’s irresistibly cute so we can’t help following him.

This morning — like most mornings — I lagged a little behind, and Monti was waiting patiently for me to join him at the bottom of the stairs. Once assured that I was there, he meandered back to his food bowl.

As he did, I heard muffled meowing. I knew it wasn’t him, so I figured it was a video my (fellow) cat-obsessed sister-in-law had sent to my husband. When I joined him to see what he was looking at, it was tech news, not a video.

Then I heard the muffled meowing again, and our cat was sitting at the sliding glass door, staring outside.


On the porch were two more cats. One was orange — sort of like Monti. I’ve seen this one before, a long time ago, and mistook it for my cat. Since Monti was just a kitten at the time, I was afraid that he’d sneaked out of the house after us. Turns out, Monti was safe inside. I’ve only had a rare glimpse of his doppelganger since.

The other was a kitten, and he’s the one I heard meowing. First, they wandered on the porch, where they stared at Monti, my husband, and me. Then they took to climbing up the tree in the back yard.


Within a couple of hours, they had gone. Hopefully back home to people who love them. But since their appearance, Monti has kept a close eye out for his new friends. It makes me wonder what he must think of it all.


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