On Linguistics (or, Why Don’t We Read Beeks Instead of Books?)

Today is the first day of school, and what a fun one it’s been. I love seeing so many familiar faces and welcoming the new ones as well. Instead of retreating to the middle school wing, I helped everyone find their classrooms. My first French classes start soon.

Transitioning from teaching middle school English to high school French has been an adventure. Some things are the same. Other things are very different. One thing that has come in handy in both classes, though, is my love of linguistics.

I wish I had time in college to take more linguistics classes, but the one on the history of the English language was enough to whet my appetite and make it into a lifelong pursuit.

Recently, I found a TED-Ed video on English’s plurals system. You thought it was confusing the way it is? Just think of what would have happened if the Norse hadn’t streamlined the language after invading!





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