Nerd Propagation (Or, the BB8 Lovey)

So my best friend is having a baby. It’s very exciting, especially because she and her husband are fellow geeks. This child will be brought up well.

Since I tried my hand at an R2D2 lovey for my nephew earlier this year, I decided to give it another shot. However, good ol’ R2 isn’t quite the right fit. My best friend is obsessed with BB8. Like ready to sneak onto a soundstage and borrow one. Okay, that’s really hyperbole, but you get the idea. So, for that reason, I had to make this lovey a BB8, which was definitely a little tricky since that meant some alterations to the pattern.


The first trouble was finding the right shade of orange. What I ended up with still is a little darker than BB8, I think, but it’s close enough that someone would know who it’s supposed to be at a glance.

I skipped 4 rows (of the 36 stitches) on the head part of the pattern to give it the rounder, smaller look that BB8 has. Obviously, the difference in colors also means that there’s no switching back and forth between the white and blue partway down the head (where the “eye” is). I’m not best at switching yarn, so that’s a bonus.

One mistake I made and wish I had realized was the second set of front post triple crochet stitches. I didn’t include them since they weren’t needed for aesthetics. I didn’t realize that they were functional, providing a place to start the blanket portion. If you make one, you’ll want to include those for your own sanity.


So there it is. A BB8 lovey. Now here’s to meeting the little one when he arrives in the next few weeks.


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