Portrait of a Kitty

Some people tease that I’m obsessed with my cat. I guess there might be some truth to that. I end up talking about him often, but one of the most frequent things I end up doing is drawing him. That’s not to say that I’m particularly skilled at art by any means, but it’s relaxing, enjoyable, and gives my creativity a different outlet so that’s good enough for me.

Since my Surface has its accompanying pen, I decided to use it to play with the Fresh Paint program and try my hand at “painting.” Okay, so it’s not really painting, but considering that I don’t have a canvas, any brushes, or paints, it’s the next best thing. And there’s an undo button, which comes in handy when one isn’t the most adept artist. (I use it all the time.)

So below is my most recent cat art.


Do you enjoy creating art? If you’re a writer, what other creative outlets do you have?


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