15 Years of Remembering

Hard to believe it’s been 15 years. For me, almost half a lifetime ago. I still remember that day as clearly as when it happened.

Finding my brother watching Regis and Kelly when we were supposed to be starting school work. Hearing that a plane had crashed into some big building in New York. Running into my mom’s room to tell her as the second plane hit. Spending the rest of the day watching in horror, praying, wondering what would happen next. Watching President Bush read Psalm 23 to a nation in shock. Standing outside and seeing no planes overhead. At the time, we lived under the path of a busy airport. It was the first time I had looked up and not been able to find a single plane in the sky.

I remember stumbling across the silent field in Shanksville and seeing the side of the Pentagon six months later while we were on a road trip. How quiet both places were compared to how they had looked on the tv that day.

Today, I still remember. The loss, but also the heroism and courage that marked that day. In the face of evil, may we always have the courage to say, “Let’s roll.”


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