Happy Hobbit Week!

September 22 is almost here! While it might be a day like any other to most, it’s a huge celebration for us. It’s Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthdays! And that means a weeklong Tolkien celebration.

What that looks like depends from year to year, but there are always a few staples.

1. British food

It’s the most appropriate thing to eat. Cottage pie, scones, fish and chips, and of course some lembas. (Though when we say lembas, we mean shortbread. That must be what the Elves ate. All of that butter and sugar is a dose of energy just waiting to happen. It’s also a good excuse to use the shortbread mold with its hobbit appropriate designs.)


Scones and tea.jpg

My mom’s pumpkin scones with cinnamon glaze are amazing!


2. A movie/book marathon

What Hobbit Week is complete without some Middle-earth immersion? This year, I started with the first Hobbit movie. I don’t adore them as much as The Lord of the Rings so the The Fellowship of the Ring will likely be next, but it’s hard to resist watching Martin Freeman as Bilbo. He makes a great Bilbo.

This year, I also plan to read some of Le retour du Roi (The Return of the King) to my French students as well. When I was learning French in college, it was one of the books I found for my own immersion. Seems appropriate for the occasion.

3. Middle-earth inspired clothes

Since my love of Middle-earth goes back so long, there are plenty of t-shirts and other clothes inspired by Tolkien’s works. This year, I have a new favorite that seemed an appropriate way to start the week.



All of the Inklings reunited on one t-shirt… and Tolkien is at the top of the list.


How do you plan to celebrate?


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