Sitting on the Edge of a Hurricane

That describes my life right now. Normally, my area has a cavalier attitude (mixed with real preparation) towards tropical systems. After 4 hurricanes hit the state within a few months over ten years ago, it’s easy to write off a category 1 or tropical storm. We’ll even joke about a category 2, if it’s not coming too close.

When a massive category 3-4 is on the way, there aren’t many jokes. The only jokes are that the weathermen have taken off their neckties, so things are serious. And they are. A category 3-4 is nothing to mess with. People are evacuating. Schools are closing. Everyone is stocking up, getting sandbags, filling up their cars.

Yesterday, we ran around gathering supplies. Water, non-perishables, everything for hurricane cookies. We have to remember what it’s like to be without power for a few days and prepare for that. And that means that, beyond my scheduled post on Friday, it might be a while before I post again.

It’s clear and sunny this morning. If you didn’t know better, you’d think nothing was wrong. But there’s an urgency in the air. Soon, there will be a strange yellowy hue to the sky. Then the feeder bands start: short lines of squalls that feel like bursts of a tropical storm. And you can literally see them as lines. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

It’ll be an interesting few days.

But now it’s time to finish preparing. Oh, and do some work too. Not that anyone is thinking much about that today.


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