Fan Girl Friday: LEGO Rivendell

Many of my students have the same love for Middle-earth that I do, so it’s not uncommon for them to send me different things that they find. One of the coolest lately is a 4 foot model of Rivendell, as seen in The Hobbit.

It’s covered in iconic rooms, 30 light-up waterfalls, and plenty of memorable moments.

Check out the full display on LEGO’s website here or check out the video overview of the model below.


5 responses to “Fan Girl Friday: LEGO Rivendell

  • Josh Glover

    That’s incredible, must have cost a fortune in Lego as well haha.

    I keep meaning to ask if you have heard of the Prancing Pony Podcast; they’re doing a fortnightly Silmarillion read through and discussion, they have also started essays on the weeks between the podcast; the guys that do it are quite funny and I thought it may be of interest to you as well.

    Have you managed to avoid the hurricane or is it still due to hit where you are?

    • S.B. Roberts

      Yeah, seriously!

      No, I haven’t, but that sounds awesome! I’ll definitely check it out!

      Thanks for asking! Fortunately, the hurricane ended up moving to the west and downgrading at the last minute, so we ended up with tropical storm/category 1 conditions instead of the expected category 4 in my area. There’s plenty of damage right along the coast, but it’s nothing compared to what we all had braced for.

      • Josh Glover

        Must be pretty frightening living in hurricane country, seen some of the damage and effects of it on the news, it’s horrible, we’re pretty fortunate in the UK for not having much in the way of natural calamities.

      • S.B. Roberts

        It’s really only bad when they start churning nearby, but the gaps between them are sometimes huge. It’s been over ten years since we’ve been hit with anything above a tropical storm (and those are just as bad as some of our afternoon thunderstorms). If it’s a category 3 or above, it starts to get intimidating. With the power those have, it can be dangerous even well inland. And it’s definitely humbling to see what happens when something of similar strength hits somewhere without strict building codes, like the Caribbean islands. We were just starting to see the devastation in Haiti as the eye was headed our way, and it was definitely scary.

        That’s very fortunate. I always wondered whether the UK or other places over in Europe had particular natural calamities, like tornados and the like. Good to know the UK would be a safe place to retreat to as far as that’s concerned! :)

      • Josh Glover

        It certainly is a scary thing, nature is without a doubt an extremely powerful and at times dangerous force and shouldn’t be taken fro granted. It’s always shocking to see the amount of people that refuse to be evacuated in the face of it.

        A lot of Europe is rife with earthquakes and volcanoes, especially around the Mediterranean but UK seems to be a little safe haven in terms of disaster; we just have an awful lot of rain and flooding.

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