Quoth the Raven

While I certainly wasn’t thinking about it last week with Hurricane Matthew on the way, last week was the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death. While I’m not usually for dark things (life is hard enough; literature is a means of relaxation), his works have always fascinated me. The amount of suspense and techniques that he employed make me love him as a reader and a writer.

One of my favorites has always been “The Raven.”

A year or two ago, I discovered a reading done by the late Christopher Lee. His voice couldn’t be more fitting, deep and menacing yet filled with sorrow and regret.

But I recently discovered that he’s not the only famous person to read it. There’s actually one by Christopher Walken out there. Yeah, really. And the contrast with Christopher Lee’s reading is amazing.

It always amazes me how two different people can read the same thing and create a different feel based on their inflection, tone, and cadence. This is no exception.

Do you enjoy the works of Edgar Allan Poe? Do you know of anyone else who’s read “The Raven” or any of Poe’s other works?


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