A Linguistical Approach to Lying

A couple of weeks ago, I helped the psychology teacher at school with typing up some quizzes. I’ve always had an interest in psychology (probably thanks in part to my parents’ counseling and my dad’s background as a mental health therapist), so I enjoyed quizzing myself to see what I already knew and learn more. (I did pretty well!)

One of the things I love about psychology, sociology, and the science behind who we are is how helpful it is in writing. Through stories and by knowing other people well, I have glimpses of how other people experience the world. But by understanding the basics of everything from a scientific perspective as well, there’s a whole new layer to explore.

This whole train of thought reminded me of a recent TED-Ed video I found on lying. I’ve watched plenty of shows about how it works on multiple levels, but this one is different. Instead of focusing on physical tics and responses, it focuses on how liars speak. If that isn’t handy for writing, I don’t know what is.


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