T-Minus 17 Hours and Counting…

NaNoWriMo is almost here! Last week, I worked hard to prepare everything for school and this blog. Today, I think I’m as ready to go as I can be. After two years off, I feel a little rusty, but I’m looking forward to the new adventure.

One of the interesting quandaries that I had to work through last week was a potential plot hole.

While I typically am very private about writing (in fact, hardly any friends or family even know about this blog), I’m very open with my husband about it. He’s been, essentially, my writing partner for at least 15 years. He doesn’t have the patience to write, but he loves to create stories too. And it works out beautifully because it’s like his mind contains the other half of my own imagination. I come up with ideas (with the occasional exception) and do the bulk of the work, but when I invite him in, it feels like sharing the idea with myself. He’s always on the same wavelength. He always understands where I’m trying to go. And he is more detail-oriented, so he can find those tiny things I know I’m missing but can’t figure out alone.

He’s also my best solution for plot holes.

Right now, one of the stories is based around a machine that’s supposed to fix a broken element, to put it very simply. In the first round of the novel (which was more of a brainstorming session in story form than a true draft), I didn’t really worry about what the fictional element was or how it worked, even though it was a big deal in the story. However, understanding the element, what originally happened to it, and how to fix it is paramount to writing a solid draft since a whole storyline relies quite heavily on it. It’s even fair to say that there wouldn’t be a story at all without it.

While I am interested in science, I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I called him in. It took a few days, but we eventually figured it out together. And as we did, some new layers developed as well, so the story will be better for it in several ways. Talk about a win-win.

So, with that, I think everything is as ready as it can be for tomorrow. I guess we’ll see how it goes from here.

Also, as a side note, I’ll plan to post NaNoWriMo updates on Mondays, to be prepared for that in addition to the regularly scheduled blog posts.

What do you do when you run into plot holes? Do you have a go-to method to fix them?


6 responses to “T-Minus 17 Hours and Counting…

  • Tiinsky

    Sometimes, I stop to do research and world building while writing, although a great deal of planning and plotting happens before hand. Other times, I’ll just keep going and put in a place holder to say, “Hey this needs attention. Come back and look at it.” I also don’t always write from start to finish or edit in a straight line either. For instance, I was revising a story recently and as I’m writing in 3rd person limited, I decided to edit all the scenes in one character first and then go back and edit all the scenes for another. This way I could stay in one character and not have to keep swapping between the characters’ voices and viewpoints. This helped with continuity. I also find that sometimes well laid plans get put aside for the path less (or not at all) travelled when in the flow of imagining. New support characters and antagonists can creep onto the page. Good luck with NANOWRIMO, sounds like you’re well prepared. Enjoy the surprises!

  • homedreamer07

    Oh, I’m excited to read your Monday updates!
    My approach looks much like Tiinsky’s above. Plenty of gaps in my novel need attention before too long.

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Plot holes? Ignore them and hope nobody notices? (One of my professors used to delight in pointing out all the plot holes in Shakespeare’s plays. :-) ) Have somebody find another dead body?

    I try to avoid research — if I have a choice. Mostly I prefer to just make something up.

    Good luck!

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