Adventures in Art: The Time I Moneted a Van Gogh

Since my first adventure into art, I’ve been playing with it on and off at home. Fortunately, the curious cat has kept his paws out off of the palette so far, and I still enjoy it as much as I thought I would. None of my couple of paintings are quite up to sharing here yet (though I think I made a pretty nice hurricane while Matthew was sweeping through… which might be a little messed up…), but I did go back for another lesson and the result is share-worthy.

This time, I convinced my mom to come because the class featured Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” As Dr. Who fans, it’s impossible to think of Van Gogh without imagining the TARDIS in the corner of the picture, so we went for it.

Our end results don’t currently have TARDIS’s in them. While in the studio, I was worried about ruining the perfectly good sky. After all, it’s easy to paint over a botched Enterprise with straight black paint in a night sky. Fixing a “Starry Night” sky? Forget about it! And I had a really bad headache, so the bright colors were starting to get to me… which sounds really wimpy when I say that, but it’s the truth. It was a weird morning.

I still might add the TARDIS in one day, but I think I’ll spend some time practicing before I actually do that.

As we were painting, we also came to a funny conclusion. I was only half paying attention to the brushstrokes as I colored in the sky (which was the first major step), so mine turned out shorter, more like dots, than the longer strokes one would expect in a Van Gogh painting. The joke between my mom and me became that I had Moneted my Van Gogh. I added some more length after that, but I think it makes it fun. I like the way it turned out.

WP_20161026_13_23_20_Pro (2).jpg

Fun fact: I always thought that the dark thing in the left side of the painting was a mountain or something. It’s actually just a cypress tree…

Another fun fact: Van Gogh used to paint the same thing over and over, so the instructor actually had two variations of the painting that we could imitate.

Do you prefer Monet, Van Gogh, or another artist? If you paint, have you ever (intentionally or accidentally) mixed styles like I inadvertently did?


4 responses to “Adventures in Art: The Time I Moneted a Van Gogh

  • Josh Glover

    It’s great to see another painting from you and I love the term you’ve coined there as well that’s brilliant!

    • S.B. Roberts

      :) Thanks! Once NaNoWriMo is over, I plan on doing some more. I’m not sure what yet, but I know a Hobbit hole has to happen. I’ve been dreaming of one of those since I first bought the paints. : )

  • C.B. Wentworth

    Oh, I love this! :-) I’ve always loved Van Gogh (the first time I saw a real one of his works, up close and personal, it made me cry it was so beautiful), but I’m also a huge fan of Monet. That being said, one of my absolute favorite impressionists is Camille Pissarro – his work is mesmerizing.

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