Rip It, Write It, Draw It: Hope

As I flipped through pages for a new prompt to complete a few weeks ago, one struck me. The prompt is simple: draw a tree but don’t add any branches yet. Save the branches for major life events and watch the tree fill up.

My first thought was to add some branches with events that have happened already: graduating high school and college, getting married, becoming a teacher, starting this blog, getting the cat. But then I stopped myself. This seems an appropriate time to start a new tree filled with new things.

Life has been complicated for the past couple of years. Things I thought would be easy¬†turned out to be difficult, and life has taken some turns I wasn’t expecting. But I feel like a new chapter is finally about to begin, and that’s what this tree represents. Hope for the future and for a new journey. A strong foundation filled with faith and patience and perseverance that’s about to be covered in new growth.


So I wait for the first new branch and for the opening pages of a new chapter, and I relish the anticipation of what comes next.


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