Rip It, Write It, Draw It: Cats

Since NaNoWriMo has been on my mind for the past month, it’s been a while since I’ve actually done an exercise. When I flipped through in search of one, this caught my eye: Fill the page with as many words that rhyme with “cat” as you can think of.

Rhyming has never really been my forte, but I decided to give it a shot. It was definitely harder than I was expecting. And I decided that it wouldn’t be fair to give myself an indefinite amount of time, so after about 20 minutes of pondering on and off, I set it aside.

Of course, rhyming gets easier when you remember the old poet’s trick of sight and slant rhyme. Sight rhyme is when you use words that look like they should rhyme, even though they actually don’t when said. And slant… well, those are the ones that kinda, sorta rhyme. Like orange and door hinge…


As I was looking for options, I also remembered something that my linguistics professor taught me back in college. Our ears are trained to either listen to the final consonant or the vowel in a word. Depending on what you hear, you might choose your slant rhymes differently. For example, if someone asks for a “copy” shop, there’s a possibility that someone might point you in the direction of a “coffee” shop because that’s what they heard. So, I played with that a little bit too.

Oh, and remember back in the 90’s when people tried to make phat into a compliment? I got a good laugh out of adding that in there.

Can you think of more words that rhyme (truly, slant, sight, or otherwise) with cat? Are you good at writing, or are you bad at it like me?



7 responses to “Rip It, Write It, Draw It: Cats

  • homedreamer07

    I honestly don’t remember slant and sight rhymes, so this was a learning experience for me. And fun at that!

    • S.B. Roberts

      :) Teaching middle schoolers to write poetry meant I had to get creative sometimes… Of course, it doesn’t help that some of the poetry examples used slant and sight rhyme. Trying to explain that could get interesting.

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Well, there’s W.C. Fields’ favorite imprecation: “Drat!” :-)

  • Tiinsky

    I don’t see scat, prat or cravat, so I’ll add these. Hope you’re having a well earned rest from NANOWRIMO.

    • Tiinsky

      Ah, just saw cravat. I need my glasses on :P Oh, wait they’re there… Not sure either if our prat’s are the same. I’m using British spelling and since you have Iraq on your page, I’d say you might spell it differently in US english? (I pronounce Iraq, like shark.) Enjoy your break.

      • S.B. Roberts

        More good ones that I just couldn’t think of. :) My “Pratt” is like Chris Pratt, the actor. I banned myself from looking words up while I was doing it, so I couldn’t remember if “prat” was a word.

        Here, Iraq has a mixed pronunciation. Some say it the way you describe. The other way does kind of sound like cat: i-rack (with a short i).

        Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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